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Frequently Asked Questions
At Potentia, we believe that you should know what you’re paying for and have a basic knowledge about the market and how it operates.
» Electric Market 101:
Retail Electric Providers (REP- Ex: Potentia Energy): Buy electricity from the Generator and sell to you, our customers
Transmission and Distribution Service Providers (TDSP- Ex: CenterPoint/Oncor): Deliver and maintain electric service, own all the wires and poles, and read and report usage for your meters
ERCOT: Manage the Electric Grid
Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT): Regulatory – create and enforce rules
How does electricity work?
Behind the scenes, electricity is not actually just a flip of a switch. Electricity is the movement of electrons from a power generation source, across transmission lines, to your home or business. The movement happens when you flip your switch to complete the circuit.
What does Potentia Energy do as an REP?
Retail electricity providers purchase power from electricity generators on behalf of their customers. After your meter is read by the local utility (TDSP), the utility tells the REP exactly how much electricity you used. The retail electricity provider then sends you a bill based on the pricing plan you selected.
What is a Smart Meter?
A smart meter is an advanced meter that measures usage in more detail than a conventional meter. It generally communicates via a network back to the local utility. You can learn more about Smart Meters at
How do I read my meter?
There a couple of different types of meters. One is an odometer type dial which will show you the numbers- left to right- which determines your usage. A second type is the dial meter which looks like a series of clocks. The dial’s pointer only turns when electricity is being used. You can read each number the pointer is on. If it is between two numbers, read the smaller number (unless it is between 0-9, then read 9). Reading your own meter and maintaining a record of your daily usage can be helpful to know how much electricity you use each day. These numbers are not reset to zero but are cumulative instead. To find out your usage for a month, subtract last month’s usage by this month.
» The Basics:
What does Potentia’s average price per kWh consist of? (This is the price which is typically compared at 1000 kWh of usage)
Our electricity products generally consist of three things which you can also find on our Electricity Facts Label for your areas as well:
1. Base Energy Charge- cents per kilowatt hour of energy used (example 6.5 cents/ kWh). This can be fixed or variable depending on the plan you choose.
2. Monthly service fee- monthly charge per meter (example $4.88 per meter per month)
3. Pass-Through TDSP fees - Pass Through variable charges, Pass Through customer and meter charge, Advanced Metering charge, and PUCT Assessment. These come from your TDSP and will be charged regardless of who you choose as your electric provider.
The average cents per kWH is the average price paid for service when all of these charges have been assessed, and divided by the total kWh used. To see an example, click Understand Your Bill. To compare across different types of offers, many companies use 1000 kWh to make a comparison calculation. Need help calculating yours? Use our Price Calculator or contact one of our representatives!
What is the difference between a fixed product and a variable product?
Fixed Product- The base energy charge from Potentia Energy is fixed at a certain rate for the contract term. There is a cancellation fee if the contract is terminated before the fixed term.
Variable Product- The base energy charge from Potentia Energy will change during the time the customer is with us based on a variable index of market prices. With a variable product, there is no fixed contract term or cancellation fee.
Is there an Early Termination Fee?
If you are on a fixed contract, there will be a cancellation fee if you terminate your contract before the contract term is over. Please check your Electricity Facts Label to find out the amount as it may differ depending on your plan. If you are on a variable price product, there is no early termination fee.
What is my bill going to look like?
Potentia Energy has itemized billing so our customers know exactly what they are paying for and where their money is going. Yes, it can be intimidating at first but it is important to know how your energy bill at Potentia Energy compares to bills at other companies. Check out our sample bill. Please note that the charges will differ according to your rate plan and TDSP.
How can I sign up?
Switching is easy! For residential customers, click here, enter your zip code, choose your plan and finish the application. Potentia Energy will take care of the rest to ensure that you have a seamless switch. You can also call our toll free number to do it over the phone at 1.877.669.7683. If you would like to submit a 2 page paper application, please email us at to request a copy and we will send one to you right away! For commercial customers, click here.
» Payments
How can I pay my bill?
You can pay your bill in one of 4 easy ways (there is no additional cost for any payment methods):
1. Send us a Check at:
P.O. Box 731111
Dallas, TX 75373-1111
2. Pay Over the Phone: 1.877.NOW.POTENTIA (669.7683)
3. Sign Up for Automatic Bill Payment
4. Make a Payment Online
What happens if I am late in making a payment?
If you are late in making a payment, you are assessed a 5% late fee of your remaining balance. If a disconnection notice needs to be generated for you, you will be assessed a $5 charge automatically. You can always call us to make sure a payment gets to us on time or sign up for Auto Bill Pay so Potentia can automate the payment process for you. Here are our Payment Options.
» Energy
Help! My Lights are out, who do I call?
Customers calling to report any power outages should contact their respective TDSP 24 hour service lines as listed below:
Oncor Electric Delivery 888-313-4747 CenterPoint 800-332-7143
AEP 866-223-8508 TNMP 888-866-7456
Nueces 800-632-9288 Sharyland Utilities 866-354-3335
What makes up Potentia’s energy?
ERCOT requires that all REPs have some green energy or Renewable Energy Content. Potentia Energy is currently 5% percent green. In the ERCOT market, generation is comprised of an estimated amount of 67% Natural Gas, 7% Nuclear, 10% Coal and the rest is Green!
» Special Cases:
How do I qualify for Critical Care?
If someone at your home requires Critical Care, please fill out this form and return to the Public Utility Commission of Texas and they will determine your eligibility. Only then will it reflect in your account with Potentia Energy.
What is Lite-Up Texas?
The LITE-UP TEXAS program is designed to help qualified low-income individuals reduce the monthly cost of electric service. The program will provide discounts to eligible customers in the months May-September. To learn more or see if you qualify, please visit or call toll-free 1-866-454-8387.
» Customer Service
How can I reach Potentia Energy?
Potentia Energy representatives are here to help you around the clock. Feel free to call our toll free number at 1.877.669.7683 anytime. You will be greeted by a knowledgeable, live representative that can help answer your questions. We are also very email friendly.
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